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Parent Meeting Held

posted Jan 16, 2014, 7:14 PM by Karen Walrath   [ updated Jan 21, 2014, 8:46 AM ]

Thursday January 16, 2014 

The parent meeting for the Spring Musical was held tonight.  See minutes below for all details.   

Many Volunteer Opportunities available

Tech Days will be on Saturdays starting January 25th

No special talents are required to participate and it’s a lot of fun.  If you have tools such as cordless drills, etc. feel free to bring them along, but make sure your name is on them.  Students and parents are all welcome.  Jim Kelly is the Scenic Engineer and is the main point of contact for Tech Day activities.

  •           January 25th – 8am – 11am – Meeting at the Warehouse

Warehouse is located at 233 N. Pearl Street, behind the Canandaigua Emergency Squad

  •           February  1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd  & March 1st – 8am – 4pm at the Canandaigua Academy Auditorium .  Pizza, salad & fruit provided for all workers around noon. 

 Costume work will be on Saturdays starting January 25th

Sewing skills are not required to help with costumes.  There is always the need for people to measure, label, sort, iron, and move costumes.  The costume house is in the old Possibilities Center  located south of the Academy.  If you have a portable sewing machine you can bring it on Saturdays to supplement the 2 machines owned by the school.  If you are unavailable to work on Saturdays, but would like to assist with sewing arrangements can be made to get projects to you.  Connie Fry is the Costume Designer and will be assisted by Kathy Giles.

  •           January 25th, February  1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd  & March 1st  – 8am – 4pm – Costume House
  •           Students will be coming in for fittings on February 1st, 8th, & 15th
  •           Some measurements will be taken during normal rehearsals to get started on costumes

 Prop Donations

At this time the only props needed are old suitcases that would pass for 1912 era.

 Food Donations

Parents on the distribution list will be sent various sign-ups for food donations.

  •           Salad and Fruit for lunches on Tech Days
  •           Lunch food to be served during February Break (volunteers to help with lunch are also needed)
  •           Light snack such as fruit, teas and animal crackers to be available for cast and crew during Hell Week and during all performances
  •           Pot Luck Dinner to be held on March 15th between the matinee and evening performance (volunteers to help with the dinner are also needed)


CPP Meeting

The following opportunities to help with fundraising were discussed


Austin Wright is coordinating the advertising for the program.  Advertising form is available to download below.  If you are interested in helping in any way with the advertising please contact Austin so that work is not duplicated.  His contact information is on the Advertising form.   Advertising deadline is Wednesday February 19th to get into the program.


Becky Jones is coordinating the distribution of posters at businesses around the area.  Volunteers are needed to help with poster distribution.  If you want to be added to the list of volunteers contact any CPP officer and you will be added to the list.   


Guy and Sue Turchetti are coordinating concessions.  Candy and Water donations will be collected starting February 1stser to the time of the musical.  Money can be donated to purchase concession food as well.  Donation letter is below, see the attachment for specifics.

 Yard Signs

Each student will receive a Yard Sign to help with the advertising of the musical around the community.  Additional signs have been ordered and can be requested if you have a home or business in a prime location that could use the signs.  Please use the signs and don’t keep them hidden away where they won’t be seen.

 Shout Outs

Special notes can be put into the program to congratulate your favorite cast, crew or pit member.  The cost is $5 for 15 words.  The form for Shout  Outs can be downloaded below.  These must be turned in by Wednesday February 19th.

 Show T-Shirts and Canandaigua Players apparel

Teresa Berley is coordinating the ordering of apparel.  Additional Show T-shirts for friends & family can be ordered as well as various styles of shirts, sweat shirts, blankets, etc.  Order forms will be distributed and will be posted on this site when available.